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From Global Fuel to the Local Grocery

From military to retail, our wide range of experience across industries allows us to create innovative, user-friendly applications for a variety of purposes. We pride ourselves on quality, speed, and competitive pricing across gear and spline cutting techniques, CNC turning, milling, and all other machine shop services.


Maintaining valves and pipes at peak performance is critical to the fuel industry. Well-machined, precision gears improve the operation of these lines, ensuring maximum efficiency and safety.


Events that happen on the ground can affect what happens in the air. Controlling the flow of liquids improves efficiency and gets machines off the ground.


One of the most important pieces of many ships, driving it forward through the water. By ensuring high-quality tooling and materials, companies can reduce maintenance and improve output.

Food Equipment

Making gears that go into industrial-sized mixers and canning machines requires using quality, well-machined parts to ensure that every step goes smoothly during the process of making food.

Revolving Doors

Slow and steady, a revolving door is an efficient way to control traffic in and out of buildings. Not only does a smoothly operating door help the flow of people, but it can have an impact on heating and cooling the building.

B&B Gear is family owned and operated

Since 1975, our shop has been working to support other small, family-owned businesses to create their success stories. We have built our company into a leader in gear manufacturing, broaching, and general machining. Our skilled engineers and machinists can manufacture from design drawings, prints, or reverse engineer your existing parts. Contact us with the parts you need for your project, and we can get you a quote.

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Crane & Hoist

Lifting equipment safely is important on construction sites. Being confident that the equipment will hold the required weight while lifting it and moving it relies on strong parts in critical places.

Small shops

New equipment for small shops can be a large financial burden that some cannot afford. Investing in a sound maintenance program with quality parts can extend the life of a tool for years past its prime.

Conveyor Industry

Conveyors can be found everywhere, from large-scale factories to the check-out counter in the grocery store. Putting the right sprockets into your equipment will help lengthen the life of the equipment.


Out in the field, farmers need to trust that their equipment isn’t going to let them down while doing both small and large jobs. Transmissions are particularly expensive; keeping them in working order is essential to farm operations.

Heavy Industry

Big equipment requires big power. Large, strong, durable gears can deliver the power that construction equipment needs while reducing the need for maintenance and repairs.

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Let's discuss your project requirements and we will prepare a quote that takes your timeline and budget into account.

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Repairing a vintage elevator? Installing a new escalator? Come to our shop for parts you may need to recreate, or gears and drives you need to run, new and used equipment!

Geared Motors

From small custom orders to bulk orders for a product, we can accommodate your needs. Speak with one of our team members to see how we can help make quality gears in your budget.

Find a solution for your industry

No matter what your project requires, the team at B & B Gear and Machine are here to help. Provide us your machining needs and we will create a solution with you.

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