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Gears for Every Application

From providing gears to small shops to supplying enterprises moving oil and gas around the world, B & B Gear has created pieces for projects large and small. We focus on making gears of all shapes and sizes, and our machine shop is open to the challenges of your custom projects.

Worm Gears

Need a large speed reduction? Understanding the unique challenges of this gear helps us produce them with greater efficiency.


Our engineers will help you design the proper spline, with the right proportion of torque transfer for the project.

Spur Gears

For most machines, the standard spur gear does the most work. Large and small, our gears are designed to last longer and run quietly.

Helical Gears

Smoother, quieter machines need a more complex, more reliable gear. These gears, though complex, can be made in a variety of sizes and for a price that works into your budget.


Have a worm gear that needs a new worm? We can reverse engineer a new gear for an existing screw, or make a full worm drive for your machine.

Entrust Your Next Project to Our Team

Let's discuss your project requirements and we will prepare a quote that takes your timeline and budget into account.

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Our team has decades of experience and a commitment to providing the best service in the industry.

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Since 1975, we have provided quality gears and parts for critical machines. Find out the value we offer at competitive prices.

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